Why invest in Herba Farms?

  • We are family owned.

  • With the legalization of cannabis in Canada for medical and recreational purposes, this has opened up a new market for investors and entrepreneurs like yourself. Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have a combined total of 13 producers, leaving a massive shortage and supply in cannabis in a wide-open market.

  • Herba Farms has strategically planned a two phase build out of our two 15,000 square foot buidings. Herba Farms will build two floors in their flowering rooms maximizing production space for a total of 36,000 square feet of total production space. We will begin with phase one of 8,400 square feet, beginning small with increase the time-frame of obtaining a production license.

  • Phase two will consist of the construction of both facilities, a total of 36,000 square feet of production space.

Herba Farms estimates it will have approximately 18 flowering rooms upon total completion, bringing our estimated dried cannabis to 8,000 kilograms of dried cannabis per year.

Herba Farms plans for expansion in 2021. We will start phase one of our third building on our property of approximately 100,000 square feet, building a two-tier facility maximizing production space.

Market Statistics

Canada is the first G7 country to bring in the Cannabis Act fully legalizing cannabis. This is a brand new industry often compared to the end of alcohol prohibition and the beginning of the Internet era. The cannabis shortage will not fully meet the demand until 2024. Canada is able to produce 210 tonnes per year and an estimated 610 tonnes is expected to be needed by 2020.


Saskatchewan has a thriving market with a minimal production to meet the supply. There are four licensed producers and 51 recreational retail stores in Saskatchewan. Since the shortage is in such demand, the retail stores have had a hard time to accommodate customers and are unable to open their doors. This is why you invest in the producer who is high demand.


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